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Private Escorting

In line with UK regulations, movements which exceed certain dimensions and weights require a pilot car escort in the interest of road safety.

To assist with abnormal load movements, we operate our own private escort vehicles, fully compliant with the guidelines set out by Highways England. Every marked escort vehicle is equipped with signage, light bars and two-way radio communication to ensure direct contact with the AIL (Abnormal Indivisible Load) drivers at all times, and enhance safety on busy road networks.

Our driving team are highly experienced in the movement of all types of abnormal loads throughout the UK. These vehicles are all fitted out to provide the staff with a ‘home from home’ feeling to ensure that nights away from base are no issue. Our escorting service is extended to all transport partners located throughout Europe to provide support and assistance within the UK.

Benefits of using Potteries’ private escorting service:
  • Fully compliant vehicles
  • Experienced staff
  • A thorough understand of the UK network and movement restrictions
  • Full communication between driver and escort at all times
  • Trustworthy and reliable 24hr service
  • GPS tracking enabling up-to-the-minute information and location

Contact us to find out how we can assist you with your escorting requirements

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